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Therapeutic Pedagogue


I'm a therapeutic pedagogue. I work with children and adults who need support - in academic, emotional and social areas. I focus on enhancement of motor and sensory skills, communication and social interactions, individual growth and self-esteem. I use play, art and drama as a platform for expression, exploration and change. The sessions are safe and enjoyable.


My mission is to revitalize the education system towards acceptance of children and following their needs in a healthy loving atmosphere. The focus is on the development of children, their emotional well-being together with learning in all areas of life.


Therapeutic education is a pedagogical field that brings together medical, educational and social areas of help. It takes on a holistic perspective in health and quality-of-life promotion. Therapeutic pedagogues use methods of expressive therapies, such as art therapy, drama therapy, play therapy, music therapy, movement and dance therapy in helping children, adolescents, adults and seniors to achieve their potential and support their life competences.

Street art in Thessaloniki

The stories we or others tell about us are creations and, as such, they can be created or constructed differently.

Christine Novy, drama therapist


Heaven's here on Earth.

Tracy Chapman, signer and song-writer

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